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Monday, April 25, 2011

(Mini) Babymoon One - Glenwood Springs

 Want to know the best thing about this post? Aaron finally makes an appearance!!
View from Downtown Glenwood
We had a great time in Glenwood Springs this past weekend. As I mentioned in the last post, we have decided to do a series of "babymoons" this summer.  We hope to get to Aspen, Salida, and Telluride, among a couple other places. The drive down was very pretty, we went from 50s and sunny in Denver, through the snow in the resorts, back to upper 40s, lower 50s in Glenwood Springs. It was a little cool but nice overall when we arrived. We had lunch and walked around in downtown  
Glenwood Hotsprings
Glenwood, checked into the hotel, and headed to the hotsprings. I was able to go in the 90 degree pool for a bit which was nice. I mostly spent my time dangling my feet in the hotter (104 degrees) pool while Aaron soaked away. I was kinda jealous, but it still was a very relaxing atmosphere. After the hotsprings, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a little bit, then headed down to dinner at the brewery attached to the Hotel Denver (where we stayed).   I pulled out a maternity dress for dinner which my friend Karen gave me to borrow. I know I do not necessarily need maternity clothes yet, but it was so comfy so I could not resist!  Here are some of the pictures from Friday:

Maternity dress

Hotel Denver lobby
Dangling my feet in the 104 degree pool
Relaxing in the hot pool 
Saturday we woke up, grabbed breakfast at a local diner, checked out of the hotel, and headed to do a short hike to Doc Holliday's grave. The weather was pretty gross, but we powered through it anyways! We then headed back to Denver. It was a short trip, but we had a great time checking out the area. Here are a few pictures to round out this post (we do have more pictures but it's kind of a pain to post too many on the blog site):
On the way up
View from the top of Glenwood Springs
Doc Holliday's grave site

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  1. i like how you can caption your photos like that! very cool. looks like a great trip!