Welcome To Our Blog!

We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 and 2 Month Photos (and 2 Month Updates)

We had Alexa's 2 month appointment on Monday, and for those of you who may not know, this is the appointment where the first round of shots are given. I was a super nervous momma and went in expecting the worst. Luckily, it went much better than expected! We did give her a dose of Tylenol that evening, and one the next morning, but it was for general fussiness, nothing too terrible anyways. We also got her latest weight, height, and head measurements. She is now 23.5 inches (90th percentile), 11 lbs 9 oz (75th percentile), and her head is in the 75th percentile. The doctor called her a little fatty, I love it. Everything else looks great with her as well. We are blessed with a healthy little girl! In other news, we are looking forward to heading to Louisville in just a few days. We will be there from the 24th through the 1st. I cannot wait to introduce her to everyone, and I know everyone is super excited to meet her as well. Should be really good times. I will definitely post pictures when we get back!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family Portrait Session

We went and had family pictures taken at Sears yesterday, and let me just say it proved to be way more complicated than I had every imagined! The session was supposed to start at 11, and I just figured everything would go great and we would be out by 12 or so. Uh, nope, we walked out of Sears around 330! The session started late, so by the time we got going Alexa was getting cranky and we had to stop and feed her. All the pictures in her first outfit (her cute red dress and tights) did not turn out great as a result, but that's okay, hopefully we will get some good shots of her in it over Christmas. The second nd third round of shots went much better - she was full and she was giving some pretty good smiles for the camera. The whole experience definitely tested our patience though! Next time we go to do family photos, I am going to be sure and have a drink to relax me beforehand :) I will attach some of the pictures below. They do have the Sears logo across them because we did not buy the CD of images, we just opted to buy a few different sheets of pictures. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

This title is borrowed (with permission) from my good friend Courtney Kerschen. I have obviously been a terrible blogger since Alexa was born, and she gave me this idea to do a quick catch up and hopefully get myself back on track with the blog. There are various pictures from Alexa's birth to last weekend. Sorry the pictures are a little out of order, but hey, better than nothing I guess!!

I'm a little obsessed with her feet

About to go in for the C-section. I was very nervous but excited!

She's here! Welcome Alexa! 7 lbs 15 oz, 21.5 inches, 10/20/11 0757

First bath

Taking a snooze after getting all cleaned up

Mom and Alexa on day 3

Second family photo. Alexa's 2nd day home

First family photo :)

Ready to go home from the hospital

After the first tub bath at home

Ready for Cards basketball season

1 week old

First walk


First snow adventure with dad

First tummy time experience

Sleeping smiles

First outing with Katie and Colin to Chick-fil-a and Target

Uncle Kris, Aunt Rachel, Chloe, and baby to be visit

1 month photo

Grandma Sanford and dad giving a bath

Mom and Alexa

Grandpa Sanford and Alexa

Thanksgiving at Ginny and Charley's loft

Little Broncos cheerleader

Visit with Santa

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ready Or Not, Here Comes Baby!

The date is set: October 20th @ 0730.  As of yesterday, baby is still breech, nestled in the exact position she has been for weeks now! My doctor just started laughing when I laid back on the table because her little head so obviously sticks out on my upper left side. And her legs and arms are all on the right side, with butt down. We couldn't even see her feet anymore because they are so far up there! At last week's appt she was even hanging on to her feet, it was very cute! I must say I definitely look like I have a basketball tucked under my shirt, except a lopsided one. It's pretty funny.

So my last day at work is next Monday. I am still unsure of exactly how long I get off, but I know my doctor is approving me for 3 months so hopefully that is what I will get. Aaron will be taking 2 weeks off starting the 20th, which will be a huge help. We are excited to take that time to establish ourselves as a little family in our home!

Also, sorry I have been slacking on the weekly shower gifts. I unfortunately do not have any pictures, but I will tell you about what we have gotten. The 'O' week was Aaron's mom and sister-in-law. Aaron's mom (parents) got us the highchair we registered for. It is super nice, and we cannot wait to use it. It is still in the box for now until she gets big enough to use it. Jackie got us a cute frame with small slots for monthly pictures, and the big slot in the middle is for her year old picture. It will be fun to fill the slots up every month!! The 'R' week is good friend from highschool Kristin Harper (also a bridesmaid in the wedding), and her gift is on the way. I cannot wait to see what she got us! And the 'D' week is from my mother, who very generously provided us with a check to help with baby furniture. I cannot believe we have reached the end! Thanks again to everyone who participated. We are very blessed and lucky to have such a great support system.

I got the CD of images from my maternity pictures yesterday, so I will at least throw a couple of those in here so you have something to look at!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Excuse Me? Did You Just Say I Could Have A Baby in 3 Weeks??!!

Yes, that is right. I had my 35 (almost 36) weeks appt today, and although we had discussed at a previous appt when I would have a C-section if I had to have one, it became very real today when she actually scheduled it!! So, big update for everyone, if she does not turn I will be having a scheduled C-section on October 20 or 21. She will let me know next week which date was available.

Do not get me wrong, we are super excited to finally meet this little one, but I am not going to lie that I have been a little shocked this afternoon! We obviously knew the big day was coming, but to have a scheduled day that we could meet her is a different story. So, I am pretty sure Aaron and I are going to be a little frantic over the next 3 weeks really finishing things up in preparation for our big arrival!

I also got a few pictures back from my maternity photos. I will attach them below along with a very cute ultrasound picture of baby's face from today's appt:

Friday, September 23, 2011

September Has Been Very Busy!!

Hello!! I realize it has been awhile since I have updated the blog, so I figured I better get to it. We have lots to share! I'll start with some pictures:

The "S" Week, from good friend from highschool and college Laura Kauffmann (who is getting married in Louisville tomorrow by the way!) Very upset I am not able to travel to make the wedding though. We cannot wait for baby girl to play on the mat though!

The "F" Week, from Jean Homiston (Aaron's Aunt) and JeAnne (Jean's daughter-in-law).  The card from her is very creative! For example, she wrote "every little girl needs a Friendly Frog to get her through days and nights....she will need a Flannel receiving blanket to help keep her warm on cool, chilly days in Denver." We loved it all! Thanks!

The "N" Week from one of Aaron's aunts, Vicki Davis. She got us the stroller blanket to keep baby girl warm while on walks, as well as other times. The stroller was a birthday present to Aaron from his parents. We are very appreciative of both these gifts!! We cannot wait for many walks to come!

This is a picture of my feet as we burned moxi sticks next to my little toes. It is an old tradition to help the baby turn into birthing position. We have only done it once since on Tuesday we found out she is still breech. We shall see if it works!

Picture from my baby shower last weekend with my two awesome hosts, Emily Crowley and Katie Naughton. It was an amazing shower, I could not have asked for a better time. Thanks again Ladies!!

Fist bump!! 9/21 Ultrasound
We have had some great weekly presents as you can see! Once again, we are so grateful and appreciative to everyone who is participating. There has been a lot of thought into these gifts!!

So, to sum up what has been going on this month: We started birthing class at the beginning of the month, once a week on Tuesday evenings. It has been a good experience to this point, especially for Aaron. I had a pretty good idea of the birthing process from nursing school, but the class has provided us with lots of good tips and tricks. We have two more classes coming up, one this Saturday and another one right at the beginning of October. Last week I had five days off of work, which was a nice treat. I had a haircut, maternity pictures, a prenatal massage, and my baby shower over those five days. It was a very relaxing five days of pampering for sure! I am looking forward to getting the maternity pictures back and I will post some once I do!

We have had a couple dr appts this month, and everything is looking just great. As I mentioned, baby is still breech but we are hoping she will turn. If she does not turn, I will have a scheduled c-section. We will definitely keep everyone updated. I have gotten pretty big (for me anyways) all of a sudden, and with that I am getting uncomfortable and not much sleep but it's all for a good cause!! We also just chose a pediatrician this past week, yet another thing checked off our list!

Other than that, we are just doing last minute stuff around the house in preparation for our little one. We have both just been working and getting excited for her to arrive. Work is getting challenging for me, I am just so slow now, but it has been fun at the same time. All the patients want to talk about my bump! And my co-workers have been incredibly helpful!  Okay, I'll try to be better about updating. Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lovely Little Lapine

The letter L was this week, to finish spelling out 'Girl.' So now we have been showered with gifts for Baby Girl, and we are on to Sanford to round it out! Good friend from highschool Sarah Howard sent us some very cute items from Pottery Barn Kids for our little lapine. For those of you who do not know (and admittedly I did not know) the name "Lapine" comes from the French word for rabbit, lapin, and can also be used to describe rabbit society. So I am very impressed with her creativity. Here is a picture of the gifts:

Hooded "lapine" towel and plaque to hang in the nursery
This last weekend we finished out our "babymoons" in Aspen, and Kota got to come along this time too! We had a great time checking out the town and especially visiting the well known Maroon Bells. It was absolutely gorgeous. My good friend Erin Linehan happened to be in Aspen for the weekend too, so we went to a bbq at her friend's place on Saturday night. It was especially memorable because I decided to try and walk right into the hot tub (obviously not an above the ground hot tub) while I was walking Kota. I got pulled down and almost started rolling like a little oompa loompa, but luckily all turned out okay and I walked away with only a couple bruises! Anyhow, Aaron was a little less than impressed with the "snobbish" attitude of the people in Aspen in general, but it didn't stop us from having a good time. Our lodge was really cute and the people were very nice there. Here are pictures from the trip:

Top of Independence Pass

Aspen Trees
Kota and I checking out the view (well I was anyways)
Downtown Aspen

Outside the lodge, 31 weeks

Ah, Kota

Maroon Bells Park

Maroon Bells in the background
Everything else is going great. Baby is kicking and moving around as I write! Our appointment last week was good. She is still in frank breech position (basically butt down in pike position). She still has time to turn and I am hoping she figures it out by the next appointment! As you can see, I am basically all baby. I have gained 16 lbs as of last week, and am still measuring on the small side. I am very grateful for this, especially because baby's growth is right on target. That's all I got for now!