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We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

This title is borrowed (with permission) from my good friend Courtney Kerschen. I have obviously been a terrible blogger since Alexa was born, and she gave me this idea to do a quick catch up and hopefully get myself back on track with the blog. There are various pictures from Alexa's birth to last weekend. Sorry the pictures are a little out of order, but hey, better than nothing I guess!!

I'm a little obsessed with her feet

About to go in for the C-section. I was very nervous but excited!

She's here! Welcome Alexa! 7 lbs 15 oz, 21.5 inches, 10/20/11 0757

First bath

Taking a snooze after getting all cleaned up

Mom and Alexa on day 3

Second family photo. Alexa's 2nd day home

First family photo :)

Ready to go home from the hospital

After the first tub bath at home

Ready for Cards basketball season

1 week old

First walk


First snow adventure with dad

First tummy time experience

Sleeping smiles

First outing with Katie and Colin to Chick-fil-a and Target

Uncle Kris, Aunt Rachel, Chloe, and baby to be visit

1 month photo

Grandma Sanford and dad giving a bath

Mom and Alexa

Grandpa Sanford and Alexa

Thanksgiving at Ginny and Charley's loft

Little Broncos cheerleader

Visit with Santa

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  1. I love it! Great post, great pictures and thanks for the honorable mention! She's adorable! Courtney