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We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lots of Updates!

It's been awhile since I have updated the blog, I know. So this is going to be pretty long, sorry! I kind of took a hiatus, but we have had a lot going on! Aaron was gone fishin' with the boys for a weekend, then my brother and Chloe came to visit, then we were in Louisville for Eleanor's wedding... and now we are starting to really get ready for baby!! We have lots to think about with the upcoming addition to the family - from nursery, to making space, to registering, just lots and lots to do.  But we are very excited! Okay, I will write some updates first, and then I will post some pictures for your enjoyment :)

First off, I have been very busy with doctor's appointments. My doctor has been following me closely, watching the length of my cervix but all looks great at this point with my cervix. Nothing to worry about so far! I literally have had an appointment almost every week for the past couple months. We had our big 20 week "anatomy" appointment last week. We already knew the baby is a girl, but we were able to view lots of other structures which was a very cool experience. We did find out at the appointment that she is having PACs (premature atrial contractions), so we were referred to a pediatric cardiologist just to make sure all is well. Both doctors confirmed that the structures of the heart look great, but she still was having the PACs at the cardiologist appointment today. Basically, we were told most babies grow out of these premature beats before birth, and there is a very, very, very small chance that it will turn into any kind of problem. The way the doctor phrased it today was good. He said, "There is more of a chance that I will hit a home run in the World Series than these beats turning into any sort of problem." So that is reassuring anyways, although I am already a nervous mom and would prefer these beats to go away now!! My regular OB will be listening to the fetal heart rate at future appointments and will continue to monitor her, but at this point I do not have to go back to the cardiologist (and definitely do not plan to go back either)! So, the other good news is that my father has seen this pretty often in other women and their babies, and he assured me that it really is a non issue at this point. I do love that my dad is in the medical profession! It has definitely come in handy over the years! Okay, that is the update on the PACs for now. I will continue to update the blog with more updates as they come along.

As far as feeling the baby moving goes (I actually feel it now, she must know I am writing about her), I am definitely feeling the "flutters" quite often at this point! She is an active little thing, especially when I am trying to sleep at night, or when I am working. It is such a strange sensation... it's like a little mini tap on the inside of my stomach. It's so cool and strange all at the same time! Aaron thinks maybe he has felt a couple of these flutters, but there has not been a definitive kick to this point. I am anxiously awaiting the kicks and being able to see the baby move in my stomach though!

Okay, I have been asked numerous times already about a name for her, and the answer is no, we do not have a name picked out at this point. We are really struggling with this process, but we will get there! I have an all time favorite at this point, and believe me, I am feverishly working on convincing Aaron it's the best name ever! The plan is to go in with 2-3 names picked out, and once we meet her, we will decide and at that point, let everyone else know as well.

Okay on to me now! Am I showing? Yep, I sure am! I cannot even hide it under my scrubs anymore either! I have had a few patients and their family members ask about my growing belly. And I even had one patient rub on my belly! It was very sweet though.... since I am in rehab we get to know some of the patients pretty well, so it was totally comfortable when he helped himself to a rub. For the most part, I have been very lucky though. I really have not gained weight besides my stomach, and I have been feeling great. My back does hurt after a day on the job, but nothing too terrible. I got a special little support belly thing to wear, and so far it has helped some with the back pain. Other than that, things are great. The job is going well - I really am starting to become much more comfortable and I love the patient population.

Aaron is doing great, and has been very supportive in this process. I know he is super excited to paint the nursery and build some baby shelves. And the best part? I get a free pass out of painting due to my delicate condition. Haha!! No painting and no cat litter. Yep, you bet I am taking full advantage of this :)

Here are some pictures from what has been going on the past month or so. Enjoy! See you next post!

Aaron is very proud of his catch

Chloe and Kota checking out the baby-to-be

Kris and Chloe

Eleanor and I at the track (Eleanor's wedding weekend)

The clan at Eleanor's wedding

Profile of baby's face at 20 week U/S

More profile from 20 week U/S

Long "White" feet

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