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We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

4 Month (Self) Photo Shoot

We got a fancy new camera from my parents for my birthday, so Aaron thought we should have a "photo shoot" for Alexa's 4 month birthday today.  We were both off work so it worked out well.  She was in a great mood too which was very helpful, and we didn't have to go anywhere but right upstairs! Here are some of the shots (I think we did a pretty nice job if I do say so myself)!!

Love those stickers

Happy 4 months cutie!

Wardrobe change!

So stylish

Such a happy baby

Self-timer worked pretty well!

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