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We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching Up

Mmmm, I am not sure where to start, so this blog post may be a little jumbled! Alexa has been doing great at daycare. They tell us she is an easy baby and enjoys her time there. Aaron and I also really like her caregivers which is obviously huge when you are trusting others to watch after your child! She did get sick 2 days after starting daycare though. She got the stomach flu, and although she did not throw up too many times, you could tell she was not her usual happy self for most the weekend. And I also got the stomach flu... on my birthday!!! So, it was quite the memorable birthday, for not the best reason though. But that's okay, I am just glad she did not get too sick from it!! Other than that, things are good around here. Alexa is changing everyday, both physically and socially! She is so much fun. She has started to giggle which is by far the most adorable sound I have ever heard. I absolutely love it! And it's great that I get to make a complete fool of myself and there is someone who actually laughs at it :-) She is getting stronger too. She doesn't hate tummy time quite as much as she used to, but she definitely does not love it yet. Here are some pictures to round out the post!

Getting stronger!

The shirt says it all

Looking cool with Dad in our sunglasses

Working that camera!

Not feeling so good :-(

Love this outfit

What? You don't like my bow??

Practicing her farting noises

I love this picture because her hair looks so red!

Getting ready to go check out the snow


Mom and Alexa in the snow

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