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We are pleased to announce our first baby will be brought into this world around October 28, 2011! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please bear with me through the process. This seemed like the perfect place to document it all, so here goes nothing!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Cannot Believe It's Already July!!!

And mid July too! Time is flying with this pregnancy! We are very excited for arrival of baby girl in the fall, but it is surreal to think that in a few short months we are going to be PARENTS. Mom and Dad. Crazy! Anyhow, here a few updates from this month. I had a doctor appointment yesterday which went great. My cervix still looks good and she could not detect any abnormalities with the baby's heartbeat. Yay! And I am happy to say that I had a dentist appt on Monday too, and I did not have any cavities. I was concerned I was going to have one (or even two) with the amount of sweets I have been eating lately! Other than that, things are good with baby. She moves all the time, and we have been able to see her moving now too. It's so funny when my stomach just pops out!! I could stare at it for hours.

Aaron and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park this past weekend. We had a great time getting outside in the fresh air, and walking around Estes Park as well. And we went for a short hike with our friend Treasure (and her dog Cinder) on Sunday. It was great getting back out in the mountains again!

We have been very busy preparing for baby girl Sanford. Aaron built a baby "closet" for her, and we picked out paint for the room. It's a light green, and I think it's going to look great once it's all done. We will post pictures when this happens! And we have been busy with registries and deciding what we need for her arrival. I would rather have everything done now rather than wait until the last minute... it's just the way I work! I am a planner at heart :)

Finally, I want to send a huge THANK YOU to my cousin Sara for putting together such a fantastic plan for Aaron and I. Since we will not make it home for a baby shower, she has arranged for our family and friends from our home towns (and a couple other places) to send us weekly baby shower gifts. So we will be "showered" from here until baby's arrival! Such a fun plan, and we are so very appreciative. We will be posting the gifts on here weekly so stay tuned! First one should arrive by the end of the week.

Here are some pictures to round out the blog:

23 weeks

24 week ultrasound. Just chillin' in there!

Thanks Emily! I hope to find a perfect outfit to bring baby girl home in with these :) 

RMNP - Bear Lake

View in the park

Hiking with our friend Treasure and Cinder around Denver

Nymph Lake in RMNP

Elk at the trailhead in RMNP

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